Last Rizla / Three Way Plane
Gig Poster Collab
A collaboratively designed and printed poster for Last Rizla and Three Way Plane gig at Στοά Εμπόρων, Athens on April 17, 2015.
The concept was to bring together illustrators and printers to collaborate and enhance each other's work.
A typography layer was designed by Kostis K· / Ink+Destroy and was hand-printed at Fuzz Ink.'s studio. The huge 70x100cm screen-printed poster was then moved to Tind's Screen-printing studio where phosphorescent details were printed. Eventually the poster, stamped and numbered, was wheat pasted around the streets of Athens.
Then, based on the typography layer, Stelios Junkart Spanoudakis illustrated a second layer that got screen-printed at Tind's Screen-printing studio on various 35x50cm stock. The typography layer got screen-printed live at Synergastirion live during the gig. The audience had the chance to screen-print their own copy.
Tentacles layer by Stelios Junkart Spanoudakis.
Typography layer by Kostis K· / Ink+Destroy.
Hand-printed by TindFuzz Ink. and Synergastirion.